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Two faced People quotes: Quotes About Two faced People

Two faced People quotes: Friends are an important part of our lives. They offer support, laughter, and a sense of belonging. However, not all friends are genuine. 

Two faced People quotes


Some people pretend to be your friend for their own gain or to hide their true motives. The following quotes touch upon the theme of fake friends and the negative impact they can have on our lives.

Two faced People quotes

"Test who cares about you by not trying to make plans with them"

"Stay away from fake people who either manipulate or lack the courage to face trouble"

"Gossiping about you behind your back is a major red flag for fake people"

"You're not meeting the real person, but rather their representative"

"People prioritize image over truth"

"Fake people are taken aback when confronted, as they believe in their lies so much"

"It's disheartening to realize someone was just pretending to be nice"

"People who know the least about you tend to talk the most"

"Loving a fake person doesn't diminish the reality of your love"

"A fake friend can be as harmful as ten enemies, as they were invited into your life"

"It may take time, but you'll eventually see who's pretending and not truly reciprocating"

"Fake people are skilled at making excuses when caught not pulling their weight"

"Your silly stories only a child would believe makes you a potential children's fiction writer"

"Being busy every single time you're asked out to lunch seems highly unlikely"

"Where do you keep the other of your two faces? Is it tucked away in your backside?"

"Talking bad about everyone at work but not about me? I'm not sure about that"

"I doubt it. Let's go out after work and see if you can actually follow through"

"Either pretending interest or trying to sleep with me, either way I'll pass"



In conclusion, fake friends can be harmful and it is important to be cautious of those who may not have our best interests at heart. These quotes serve as a reminder to keep our guard up and to surround ourselves with those who truly care for us and our well-being. It is better to have a few genuine friends than many fake ones. It is also important to recognize and confront fake friends so we can move on and find healthier relationships. 


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